World’s first ICO of B2B educational digital games ecosystem. Invest in one of the fastest growing market in corporate world, get liquidity and price growth secured!

Step 3 - Follow-up pre-ICO limited sale with 25% discount on 13-27 August 2017!




Global publishing of Simulate.Company products (including new business simulator types aside from Business Games Club products) in WEB, Mobile and Desktop markets of corporate and self-education in the CIS, USA, and Europe. 30% will be spent on new technology development (Teams and SaaS) and content, 5% - localization and support, 65% - promotion and marketing. This includes creation and promotion of a unified Portal of digital corporate education products and CorpEdu tokens. If other ICO milestones are not reached, no later than 24 months after the ICO, we will conduct negotiations to sell control of the company to a big market player and pay an appropriate share of proceeds to tokenholders via a “Buy Back” process. Also, the company will permanently divert all income from the shares of invested projects (including Simulate.Company) to buy back CE Tokens from the market quarterly (deducting a 20% service fee).
The same spending structure as in Milestone 1, but a long term strategy of marketing and market share seizing for products, Portal and CorpEdu tokens, including an Asian market spread. Additional investments in machine-learning to automatize scenario workings. Maximizing tokenholder profits including negotiations with big players to add to the overall project capacity.
New investments in market projects and startups in simulations for education or personnel certification/testing. All significant investments will be agreed with CE tokenholders via Waves voting system. Reaching a minimum of 10 mln end-userbase for education products, using CE token as payment means.
Boosting of global platform-ecosystem creation and spread based on the Portal. Joining of the majority of interesting simulations-based educational market projects via CE token motivation tools. Stimulation for Corporate players to participate in ideas/methodology sales using CE token as new blockchain payment means, providing unique sources of liquidity. Overall investments in Token liquidity.


While so-called “self-paced education” market passed its zenith and entered a stagnation period, the Corporate education market is on its rise, with an estimated minimum of $35 billion in yearly revenues in digital tools alone.

Today those tools are mostly represented by video courses and interactive tests, but with industry maturity we find more and more games-based and simulation-based digital solutions in corporate universities and discussed at HR conferences. Those are the tools considered to be most efficient ones in nearest future.

Since 2015, the CT Influence Games team has been partnering with the largest CIS communications agency and some private investors developed and published a platform of Business Games Club to enable fast and quality production of such educational simulations. Later that platform became the base for, B2B service platform. In 18 months the platform became profitable, allowing the CTIG team to start working on the technical details of new types of engines: including complex business financial simulators for integrated businesses (in the first order by our large international mining giant with 120 000 personnel) and strategic decisions making simulator based on Persona Quest (biographical quest game platform) findings.

Also, we worked on new functions and tools for the existing platform: Team cooperation mode (one of the most sought after options for Corporate Universities), SaaS way to work with content creation and publishing, machine learning integration to increase scenario creation capacity. All this attracted the attention of a large B2B business incubator and resulted in opening a branch company in Texas.

Most important of all, we saw a unique market opportunity niche: most corporates realizing now how efficient and expense saving are new digital tools of personnel training and testing. There is still no monopoly or even standards on the market. No platform or trendsetter. Partially Microsoft with LinkedIn and some other large players try to approach this market, but there is still plenty of room to become the new market forming authority. This gives us a good chance to utilize our existing experience and customer base to cut a good slice of this pie, and think of later merging with some other market leader.

Our goal is to invest the money raised at the ICO, not only to market some ready solutions, but to make them accepted worldwide (though today we have a solid 30% lead-to-customer conversion, meaning good quality of our product). To develop new tech solutions and create an ecosystem for serving complex corporate education needs. Moreover, we want to install CorpEdu blockchain tokens in the heart of this ecosystem to promote cross-industry cooperation, referrals and even ideas and tools sales/exchange.



Corporate client finds the needed service/tool with the aid of our Portal display and gets connected to a Provider. The provider sells the service/tool for real money and delivers it together with some CorpEdu tokens as a bonus for the transaction. Tokens are earned by the Provider for system participation fee payment at a discount. Corporate client can later use these Tokens, as in Scenario 2, sell them on the Exchange or pass them to his employees as a motivation tool to cover their individual education needs (found via our Portal).



The Same as in Scenario 1, but Corporate client pays part of the price (up to 100%) in CorpEdu tokens. Such token usage means some discounts for him. Tokens are originated either as previously begotten (Scenario 1) or bought in the market (Exchanges). The provider then uses the tokens to pay his Portal fees, to pay for new tools/ideas (Scenario 3), gives them to his own employees for individual training or sells them on Exchanges.



Corporate client may earn CorpEdu tokens by working with Portal mediation to sell their own ideas/methodology/tools research for employee education where it has good experience. Tokens are later used for other product purchases (as in Scenario 2), their own employees or for sale at exchanges. The materials purchased are delivered either directly, or through Portal auction, to interested Providers to be used for new product development. Since it involves a good amount of tokens being trade, it will significantly increase CorpEdu liquidity and create great additional value to the overall system by promoting new the experience of an ideas exchange.


What is CorpEdu token Digital asset token CorpEdu, issued on Waves platform, will be integrated as a full or motivation payment method in the corporate education Portal for customers and providers of digital educational tools, including self-paced tools
Buy Back According to the White Paper after the end of each financial quarter, income received for shares in invested projects, including sales of such shares to other strategic investors, will be used to buy back CE tokens at public exchanges (DEX / TIDEX) at market price. Tokens bought back will be used later in the system for direct distribution/sale without the right to be sold on Exchanges.
Token Name CorpEdu
Issue Size 5,300,000 (five million three hundred thousand) tokens
Regulated Amount Yes, further re-issue is not possible. All tokens not sold at ICO will be used for Portal functioning and new client transactions without the right to be sold on Exchanges within the next 5 years.
Starting Price At ICO time the fixed sale price is $3 per one CorpEdu token

The Venture finance market could offer us more, or less, needed money for our project development, but that would mean long procedures, needing to comply with core team movement rules (to live near investing fund as they prefer in the Valley). Since the B2B market, especially the intellectual and non-software service one is less of a hype, it could take years to get all the needed rounds to achieve these ambitious goals set.

In the end CTIG team, partners and investors of the BGC platform decided to use an ICO as the fastest available instrument to getting funded for independent development and marketing of the project, including the most ambitious part: a global portal with a blockchain transaction system at its heart. Especially give years of experience in the market has allowed us to assemble a great team: from scenario analysts to code developers working in 5 Eastern European countries (and managing to make the existing BGC platform profitable in less than two years). We also have found some new promising startups on the market, utilizing a game-like approach for digital corporate education (like testing and verifying professional skills and management skills), ready to join our platform.

We think, giving away 30% of revenues for such a promising project to token holders improving CorpEdu liquidity is much better than losing years and gradually yielding company shares to VC funds.

Also, working on such technologies, we’re set to attract the attention of big players in the corporate education market. A big number of funds note that now’s the time of B2B platform creation and standardizing. Those who will manage to set up trends and become recognized by the number of customers – would be earning or be sold for hundreds of millions. We’re ready to go for it, and share the success with our token holders and ask for their approval by voting.


Buy Back and market liquidity: we consider investments in the new digital product ecosystem with blockchain tokens in its heart to be best rewarded by two mechanisms:

1. The issuing company will quarterly use all received income from shares of projects invested (deducting 20% service fee and relevant taxes) to buy back CorpEdu token on the open exchange market (DEX and TIDEX exchanges first of all) at the market price. Tokens bought this way will be returned to the Portal to be used further in system development and processing new customers and participants fees and motivating corporates to participate in ideas/tools exchange as described in the Portal project. Tokens bought back cannot be sold on exchanges and can be used only within Portal functions.

2. Secondary market: all participants of the new ecosystem, somehow interacting with the Portal or the Products of its partners, will be able to use CorpEdu tokens to pay full or partial fees at a discounted price, including the sale of ideas/methodology. At the same time, tokens will be earned by using the system and selling products, including real money sales. Token transactions would mean growing demand, especially since some services (like ideas exchange) could be paid only via CorpEdu tokens. That will drive participants to the exchange market, meaning growing liquidity and the price of CorpEdu tokens. Since we already have the first customers who’ve agreed to use CorpEdu tokens as a payment means for their educational ideas and tools, that means we will see a secondary market for them starting from the very first quarter of the Portal launch.

As token issue is non-reissuable, the growth of transaction numbers will drive the price up.


Sell via Exchange
on growing liquidity


wait for
guaranteed buy back


We understand that the long-term profitability of our corporate education projects like Simulate.Company will depend not just on PR and marketing support. Success will largely depend on the product range increasing and staking out the largest possible share of a still young market of digital interactive corporate education.

We will invest not only in developing new tools and ideas for existing projects we work on. We will attract new partners by both buying their shares and motivating by discounted offers to join our Portal project to create a large international ecosystem as quickly as possible. Such an ecosystem of digital tools and methods of corporate education and relevant services will be connected by CorpEdu tokens as means of full, or bonus, payment processing.

As for starting the core projects of Simulate.Company, which will be used to form the first pool of products offered through the Portal and accepting CorpEdu tokens as described in the White Paper, CTIG GDs and analysts have already designed a pipeline of improvements and new tools like SaaS solutions to create third-party content creation and publishing tool like Amazon Kindle in the world of business simulations. They’ve created machine-learning to make scenario creation faster and cheaper, team mechanics and new engines for additional product offerings like complex integrated business simulators and decision-making simulators.

We have already conducted early negotiations and secured some of our corporate customers to join the new Portal project to either sell their ideas/methodology for CorpEdu tokens or accept tokens as processing means. Especially interested, are top managers in the area of industrial safety – which is a less competing area and the most ready for an idea exchange to achieve these universal goals.

Yes, we are bold enough to create a new cryptocurrency for the market of corporate education. That’s precisely the niche we know how to work in.


Alexander Tolkach

CEOCo-founder and director in CTIG, Co-founder in ICO Fund


Sergey Korovin

Co-founder in BizWorld, Co-founder in ICO Fund


Boris Firsov

CTIG Board Director, co-founder and strategy advisor


Igor Livant

Investment & Financial Adviser & ICO ESCROW agent. Ex Goldman Sachs and McKinsey


Alexander Boreiko

IR Adviser & ICO ESCROW Agent


Lidia Sobolenko

COO & CMO in CTIG from the founding day, ex-Microsoft


Andrei Posetselskii

Head GD & Analyst in BizWorld


Maxim Agapov

CTO & Code Architect


Alexander Dankovsky

Chief Scenarist & Thinktank master in CTIG


Irina Chernenko

QA & Automation Unit Head


Yana Petrova

PR & Community Head


Anastasiya Kuznetsova

GD & Balancer in BizWorld


Anton Kolyadin

Senior Unity/C# Developer

Maria Shamota



8 Aug

Pre-ICO sale continued in 2nd phase with 35% discount

31 Jul

BitCoin Cash (BCC) to be accepted at pre-ICO sale of CorpEdu

29 Jul

Facebook and Twitter Ad Campaigns start with pre-ICO sale, get free tokens

24 Jul

Pre-ICO Sale

The Pre-ICO is to take place on August 1, 2017 and will be open for 3 days. Tokens will be offered with 50% discount at $1.5 each. Only small chunk of tokens will be offered: 75 000 tokens of each type.


The ICO will be conducted by Singapore SPV, which will use the proceeds (in case of a successful ICO) to buy a share in CT Influence Games USA Inc. (Holder of B2B solutions of CTIG, including Simulate.Company) and other companies as per the milestone plan disclosed in the White Paper. New people will be hired from the market to fill management and advisory positions there to achieve global development plan goals. Considering B2B nature of business, we consider USA C-Corp to be the best option for operational activities of the Project.

SPV founders and White Paper signing persons are core representative of mentioned projects, keeping the responsibility to token holders.